Black Rock Yacht Club Dress Code and Phone Etiquette

Dress Code
Our Dress Code is designed to complement today’s lifestyle while still respecting longstanding traditions at BRYC. It applies to all members and guests over the age of twelve. Children under twelve years old should also be appropriately dressed. Please note that while we welcome all members to the club, those who do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to change prior to dining.

Dress Code Categories

Smart Yachting
Jackets, collared shirts, and dress slacks (long pants) are acceptable for gentlemen. Appropriate comparable dress attire is acceptable for ladies. Jeans, t-shirts and tank tops (men) are not acceptable within this dress code. 

Collared shirts or appropriate sweaters and slacks or shorts are acceptable for gentlemen. Blue jeans, t-shirts and tank tops (men) are not acceptable within this dress code. For ladies, an appropriate blouse or sweater, dresses, skirts, or slacks should be worn.

Sailing attire, tennis attire, and casual but neat attire are all acceptable forms of attire. Blue Jeans are allowed.

All players must wear appropriate shoes, shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts that are specifically designed for tennis. Sports jerseys, bathing suits/board shorts, cotton t-shirts, graphic tees, gym or basketball shorts, etc. are not allowed.

All junior players are required to wear white tennis attire at all times. Adult players are encouraged to wear white. Effective August 1, 2022 adults are required to wear tennis attire that is 50% white. A white top or white bottom is required.  BRYC tennis attire with our burgee is available in the ship store.

Bathing suits and bathing attire may be worn, along with a cover-up to and from the pool. Shoes or sandals must be worn. Please note that towels are not considered coverups and should not be used outside of the immediate pool area. Thong bathing suits are prohibited. 

Dining Area Dress Codes

Clubhouse Dining Room
The Clubhouse dining room and ballroom are designated as Smart Yachting dress code areas. Gentlemen must wear collared shirts and dress slacks. Jackets are always recommended. Ladies should wear appropriate, comparable dress attire. Jeans are not permitted in the Dining Room.

Dining Deck
The BRYC Dining Deck is designated as a Casual dress code area after 6pm. Collared shirts are required for gentlemen and boys along with slacks or tasteful shorts and footwear. Shirts, blouses, dresses or tasteful shorts and footwear are acceptable for women and young ladies. Sporting dress code attire is acceptable on the Dining Deck before 6pm. Sporting attire is allowed during Wednesday Night Race Series.

Samuelson Deck, Bar and Lawn
The BRYC Bar, Samuelson Deck and the outdoor area adjacent to the bar are designated as Sporting dress code areas. Those dining or enjoying the bar in this section are expected to be neatly attired. Blue jeans are permitted as is tennis attire. Gentlemen are not to wear hats or caps in covered areas at any time. Bathing suits,
ripped clothing, graphic t-shirts, tank tops, clothing are not permitted in the Clubhouse Dining Room or Dining Deck areas at any time.

Cell Phone Usage
Cell phones are an integral part of the way we communicate and stay in contact with others. In a group setting, one person’s usage should not hinder another’s enjoyment of the surroundings. Here are our guidelines for cell phone usage that are designed to keep everyone’s best interest in mind:
  • Please no telephone calls, videos or other audible noises inside the clubhouse or outdoor spaces, especially on the dining deck.
  • Silent cell phone usage, such as texting or sharing photographs is allowed as long as it is discrete and minimal.
  • Cell phone conversations on Club property are permitted in the open air outside and away from the buildings and entertainment areas.