Frostbite 2023

While most of the club is quiet this time of year and everyone is focused on their winter activities, the Sailing community at BRYC is in full swing. Every Sunday from late January through late April you can watch as sailors from BRYC, FYC and PYC compete in front of the club in the harbor for the perpetual Ideal 18 Black Rock Harbor Frostbite trophy. 

Fifteen teams (two sailors per team) sail four Sundays throughout the season with the top five teams sailing on the final Sunday for the Championship. We sail in the club’s Ideal 18 – a Bruce Kirby designed keelboat which sails like a dinghy but more stable and forgiving.

If you are interested in sailing or would like more information, please email Tim Gearon ( or Philip Gavey ( All sailing abilities are welcome. If you don’t have a partner, we can pair you up with someone. We also have a substitute list for those that can’t commit to four Sundays but would like to get out sailing when they can.

Sail Fast!

Makeup Race for Feb 26th Races

First Gun 09:00 March 19th

sailors are:

Walker/Coleman (Sorenson - Sail #4)

King/Jennings (Stephens - Sail #1)

O'Donnell/Gavey (Corwin - Sail #9)

Andre/Houston (Samuelson - Sail #5)

Winterbottom/Stafstrom (Buckley Sail #3)

Brown/Stephan (RC)

March 19th sailors are:

Walker/Coleman (Sorenson - Sail #4)

Winterbottom/Stafstrom (Stephens - Sail #1)

Abel/Abel (Corwin - Sail #9)

Farrell/Gearon (Samuelson - Sail #5)

Crocco/Olstead (Buckley Sail #3)

Wiswell/Belknap (RC)


19 February Photos            22 January Photos